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Thursday, February 11, 2016

MindBody Brand Ambassador

I have been selected to be a MindBody Brand Ambassador so I can share my fitness journey on Instagram and other social media. This means I have to start posting some legit photos of myself and not my awkward selfies, so I recruited my friend Nicole to take some photos of me after the WOD yesterday.

I felt like a pretty Dalmatian in my new Fabletics outfit. Since the workout was EMOM hang snatches followed by rowing and snatches, I really should have worn my lifters, but they don't match this outfit so I went Nanos. Looking good is 3/4 the battle.

I am making a dumb face but you can see the pants a lot better in this shot.

Facebook tells me that I hit a 55# snatch on this day two years ago. Yesterday I did 3 high hang squat snatches every minute on the minute for 7 minutes at 55#. High hang is more difficult because you have less momentum to get under the bar. I also used 55# for the metcon: 500 m row, 15 power snatches, 750 m row, 12 power snatches, 1000 m row, 9 power snatches. I love CrossFit because progress can be clearly measured.

Speaking of progress - I am focused on my macros and getting used to high carb days. Yesterday I had some pasta with my lunch and I measured out 1 serving according to the box. That's 1 serving. It's like a garnish. I don't usually eat a lot of carbs at lunch so buttered noodles with my chicken chick pea salad seemed pretty decadent but I easily eat like four of these when my dad makes pasta. Remember when I was obsessed with informercials? I totally used my Pasta Boat to cook this linguine.

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