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Saturday, February 22, 2020

January 2020 Goals Update

I managed to not spend all my money on UberEats last month!

January was a successful month. For the first time in what feels like forever, I budgeted my money for the entire month and didn't overspend. I took steps to minimize the amount of interest I pay on debt. I used this debt reduction calculator to figure out the best way to pay of my loans and cards with the least amount of interest. I also opened a new credit card and initiated a balance transfer on my existing credit card debt so I can now pay it off without paying interest. I got a Citi Simplicity card and have 0% APR for 21 months. If you've got debt and your paying high interest fees, look into this option.

I took all of the food delivery apps off of my phone. I can obviously still order delivery if I want to but deleting the apps and unsubscribing from their emails has changed my behavior. We didn't order food at all in the entire month. We did go out a few times because I'd probably die if I couldn't eat La Parrilla. La Parrilla has THE BEST margaritas and I consider myself an expert on the topic. I started making hard boiled egg avocado toast and chicken caprese salads. Very tasty and not that difficult to eat in the car.

I got in a lot of fitness but I'm not yet finding my right groove with my new semester class schedule. I've been experimenting with noon workouts and early morning workouts but I miss my nighttime fitness friends. I participated in Rukus' 1-2-3-gocyclenow challenge and the winner wins 6 months of free classes. I REALLY want to win this challenge. I changed my unlimited membership to a student membership. Starting in March, I will only have 5 classes a month and that will allow me to spend more time at yoga and CrossFit.

I'm not doing as well as I would like in organic chemistry so I need to buckle down and focus. It's HARD. I am enjoying being a TA for chem 1 lab. So here's a funny. I did not do very well in chem 1 lecture but I did well in the lab when it finally clicked for me halfway through the semester. I did very well in chem 2 lecture and chem 2 lab. So well that I was asked to be a TA this semester. I decided to retake chem 1 lecture this semester to make sure that I fully understand the material because organic chem is hard enough without having to teach yourself all the stuff you never learned in the principles course. And that's how I ended up being the TA for about 50 of my chem 1 classmates. TA-DA!

Students have managed to forget pretty much everything that might cause a reaction. They're keeping me on my toes.

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