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Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Hangover

Today I woke up with a candy cane stuck to my foot. To say it's been a rough day is an understatement.

I showed up to work looking like a lumberjack.

Yes, I voluntarily wore that.
I found an empty egg carton on my kitchen table and this in my refrigerator.

Drunk cooking is extremely dangerous. I'm really not okay  with the fact that this happened.
And I sent this text message.

As almost everyone knows, the best way to kick a hangover is to exercise. I left the office for a lunchtime session at Flywheel with my friend Anna and her sister Margot. I've missed Anna very much since she moved and I was so happy to see her! I was also a little afraid I'd throw up on her.

Margot, Anna, and me after class.
This photo is horribly out of focus and we all look spectacular, I know.
I've been to Flywheel once before. Some people are addicted to it. I can't really find a reason to justify not going to Equinox to spin, but it's a nice place if you're looking just to cycle and go to barre classes. We went to Flywheel Flatiron but there's locations on the Upper East Side and Upper West Side as well.

We went to Jesse Alexander's class. He had a sick playlist and great energy. Considering my near death state when I arrived, it's a testament to his greatness that I not only lasted the entire class, but I brought at least my A- game. My only complaint is that I can never figure out how to set up the Flywheel bike. Equinox uses Schwinn and I know my numbers there. Unfortunately the helpful lady set my seat too high for me and I ended up being sodomized by the damn bike seat every time we got out of the saddle.

I love that Flywheel has an arms portion for about 5 minutes. The bars only equal 6 lbs but by the end my arms were shaking. Hey Equinox, can we get that in our spin classes too?

I'm looking forward to peacing out to Long Island tonight and laying low for a Siberian Soul Reboot. While I feel a thousand times better than I did before Flywheel, my body still hates me.

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