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Thursday, March 14, 2013

More Morning Miles

I was working from home again this morning and decided to get a run in before I headed into the office for the afternoon. I like this schedule because it allows me to get everything that demands my immediate attention done first thing in the morning and then I get some me time. I arrive at work to tackle projects or attend meetings and I am able to stay as late as necessary because I've already gotten my workout and shower in, which alleviates a lot of the anxiety I give myself about scheduling my day.

This has become my favorite running outfit lately. I got a pair of Matty M  leggings in grey (super cute) and I wear it with my Under Armour pullover. For a short run I wear Old Navy socks and I've been putting mileage on my Brooks Ghosts to mix it up a bit.

I knew it was colder today than yesterday, but I didn't realize how cold. I was giddily thinking how great it is when Spring begins to creep in because I no longer have to wear gloves. I even thought about writing a post about how great it is to run without gloves. Then I got out there without gloves and my fingertips froze and I was in pain and then I got mad at myself. Thankfully they started to warm up about a mile in.

I saw two NYC Parks Patrol Officers, a policeman, and a photographer staring out at the water. Who knows what was going on but apparently it was fascinating. I saw nothing and they ignored me when I casually asked what was up.

My stupid Garmin took forever to catch today so I actually ran about 1/2 a mile more than the thing claims.

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