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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Life Lately

I tweaked my back something fierce a couple of weeks ago and I've been taking it easy easier and focusing on getting back in tip top shape. That means less CrossFit, more walks, and some quality time with Frank since I got back from Phoenix last week.

reunited and it feels so good
My boss and I hit up Urban Yoga for some Candlelight Flow to Zen while we were in Phoenix. The class's description is

Tune in, unwind and let go of your day. Enjoy an inspiring meditation in motion (Vinyasa Level I-II) flowing to upbeat music for the first 40minutes with asana (postures) focused on strength & balance. The class slowly unwinds into blissful deep stretches to increase flexibility and bring harmony to the mind – body connection. Instructors will combine yin, restorative yoga & meditative techniques. This class is suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners. Instructors will challenge each student. Listen to your body, take resting poses as needed and amp up the poses with modifications.

I arrived in Phoenix with tight muscles and a headache from the airplane and this class had me ready for bed and feeling pretty good. I was able to touch the ground for the first time in a week, so that was baller.

some art for sale at the Urban Yoga
I didn't work out for the rest of the trip but I got my steps in each day. See, I told you I've been taking it easy!

standard hotel room workout clothes shot
I took Frank to the dog park yesterday. We were there for all of 5 minutes before he decided to go hide underneath this thing and then stayed there for over a half an hour while I awkwardly walked around with his leash. A very cute toddler tried to help me get him out but finally we gave up. I read my Kindle on a rock until his royal highness decided to grace me with his presence.

I ordered these shoes and I am obsessed.

I spent one week laid up on the couch with painkillers and muscle relaxers and ate pretty much everything in my fridge covered in butter. Then I spent four days in Phoenix inhaling baked goods (I knew I should've placed the catering orders myself) and all the snacks. I took a good look at myself on Friday and was like dude, you're fat. It ain't all muscle and I was embarrassed by how I look in my new bathing suit. No one should workout as much as I do and not be happy with their body, so I decided to rein in my diet. I've lost 3.2 lbs since Friday by not eating crap.

I made this with leftovers from my fridge. It's cubed pork loin with mushrooms, peppers, onions, and about 3/4 of cup of white rice. I seasoned it with Flavor God Everything Spicy.

This is more cubed pork loin with asparagus, red onions, and mushrooms. Trader Joe's sells packages of these veggies already prepped. Super convenient. I seasoned it with Flavor God Lemon Garlic.

I needed more protein to hit my macros and I wanted to eat it and not drink it so I mixed some Extreme Milk Chocolate protein with Fage 2% Greek yogurt. It was pretty good!

I played in a just-for-fun Grid match today (more about that once Kristen posts her pictures so I can swipe them for this blog) and I didn't have socks for rope climbs because I hadn't planned on playing. This is going to look great at my job interview tomorrow. I went for a run on the Beltline afterwards to get in my steps. I took this photo so you could see my muscles outfit.

This month's BarkBox is fitness themed.

Frank was disappointed with last night's fight. 

Just kidding. We didn't watch it, but he looks so cute with his little boxing gloves.

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