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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

First Day of Pure Barre

My sister and my mom are huge fans of Pure Barre. They're always going to Pure Barre and talking about Pure Barre. They even have special socks for Pure Barre. It sounds kind of like a cult, and since I like cult fitness movements, I decided I needed to try it. I also got a little sick of my sister telling me how Pure Barre is only for experienced workouters, because if CrossFit can be adapted for people missing limbs, I'm pretty sure Pure Barre can be adapted for people who are intimately acquainted with their couches. So I signed up for the new client special and had my very first class today.

Let me be the first person to stand up and say that Pure Barre is extremely difficult. So many isometric holds and micromovements! My legs felt like noodles! And all those front squats yesterday certainly didn't help matters. It's been over an hour and my legs still feel like jelly.

I'm excited to share my Pure Barre journey with you guys over the next several weeks. I'm not quitting CrossFit, and consider Pure Barre an extension of my CrossFit. Coach Glassman says to "regularly learn and play new sports."

I had a great time in class today with the instructor Meredith. The only thing that I would change is the dresscode - pants and covered midriffs are required!

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