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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Oversharing and Inspiring Others

Hyberbole and a Half
I'm sure some of you wonder why I write about my life and share it with whomever clicks on this blog. Some of you might call it oversharing. What started as an outlet for me to write when I was teaching 9-year-olds and convinced my brain cells were dying, has become a way for me to connect and reconnect with people. I value every message I have ever received regarding this blog. They're usually from acquaintances and start off with, "I know you don't know me very well, but..." and then go on to say how that person decided to take up CrossFit or run their first race or use MyFitnessPal or do something else they might not have had inclination to do otherwise. It makes me very happy.

I write about more than just my workouts because maybe you'll relate to something that I say or think, or you'll see yourself in me. You might just be like, this girl is batshit, but at least she's funny. I had hesitated to write about the demise of my swolemate relationship, but a few days ago I received another, "I know you don't know me very well" message from a friend (I considered him a friend since we met) who is going through his own breakup. Being able to be there for him in that moment makes telling the world that I failed at another relationship worth it.

You could get a lot more unbiased workout reviews from RateYourBurn, so thank you for reading In Shape Out of Mind. I appreciate your support.

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