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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Come See Me at the Front Desk!

It's no secret that I fell in love with Pure Barre this summer. I think it is the perfect complement to CrossFit and it's just super fun. I especially like the lovely ladies who take class and work at Pure Barre Virginia Highlands. I like them so much that I applied for a job.

I've been training this month to be a Front Desk Associate, and I am proud to share that today I was given the go-ahead to officially start. I received my own key and everything.

I use a Day Designer to keep my life organized.

I will primarily work morning shifts (5 AM to 9 AM) and some weekends. If you're thinking about trying barre class, come experience Pure Barre. I've done a lot of classes over the years (jump back to 2010 if you'd like to read through some class reviews) and Pure Barre is the only studio where I've ever wanted to work. I'd love to introduce you to our instructors and give you a tour.

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