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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Front Squats at the Falcon Civic Center

I keep seeing posts on Instagram telling some of my favorite athletes that they should take time off to enjoy the holidays. I enjoy exercise and that's how I like to spend my days off. Honestly, I wish there was just one person in my family who cared about lifting or would at least be willing to talk to me about CrossFit. Today I was in a really bad mood. I have been traveling a lot lately, I miss my dog, and I feel sick from eating foods that I usually avoid, like lasagna that comes out of a box. Fun fact: no one has ever told me to eat my vegetables because the only vegetable my family serves is iceberg lettuce.

After checking to see if I could fly back to Atlanta tonight instead of going to Pizza Ranch, I decided I needed to find a barbell. Thankfully the Falcon Civic Center was open.

I warmed up with 100 doubleunders. Then I enjoyed glorious front squats, hang cleans, and a WOD of box jumps, back squats, and doubleunders. The next time I find myself overwhelmed with family and fast food, I'll get over to the Falcon Civic Center a hell of a lot sooner.

I really should have gone right when they opened at 8!

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