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Friday, July 29, 2016

Everything Hurts and I'm Dying

So on Monday, I was calmly minding my own business answering my emails in bed with my dogs. Maintenance comes to my apartment to go about addressing the 6 work orders I submitted on Sunday night, because let's be honest, isn't it better to have your pals come and spend 2 hours fixing stuff that's broken rather than send one-off requests all of the time? I quickly brought the dogs to daycare so they'd stop aggressively informing Kenny he wasn't welcome in our bathroom, and sat down at my desk to handle the project from hell. This is the annual project of telling your straggling AmeriCorps members that if they do not sign their evaluation and complete their exit form immediately, you cannot and will not release their Segal Education Award. This year it's $5,730. For the love of all that is holy people, just slap an electronic signature on your positive evaluation and tell the Corporation for National and Community Service that you do not want them to contact you about anything but that you did serve your 1,700 hours and you want your money. I didn't move from my desk the entire time my maintenance guys (who are seriously awesome by the way) fixed my thermostat and my shower and my light and that screw on the toilet and placed an order for the ice machine parts that I was apparently supposed to have the entire two years I have lived in this apartment. I sent a lot of friendly but slightly menacing emails.

So then maintenance is done and I stand up to go over the work orders with them, and my back starts to spasm. It is effed up. It feels like the time I threw my back out doing touch and go power cleans at 105# when that was a heavy weight for me. That time I ended up doubled over taking muscle relaxers and hydrocodone for a week. The scheduled WOD was max clean and jerk, followed by 30 cal row 15 clean and jerks 30 front squats for time using 70% of daily max for WOD. I rushed to the chiropractor. I was fixing this immediately.

I got adjusted. I came home and put heat on my back. I had to continue sitting at my desk because I had too much ish to do that needed two screens. By CrossFit time, I couldn't walk at all.

I have not done CrossFit since Tuesday, July 19 and I am dying! Things seem better now, but this much physical rest is killing me. Unfortunately I'm not getting much actual rest between the annual project from hell, the fire that was lit by some colleagues overreacting to this annual project (it happens every year - they always sign in the end!), some grant officers who are trying to get me to commit suicide, and my GMAT prep course. Obviously that was scheduled to start back up this past Tuesday.

The next time someone tells you that CrossFit is dangerous, you can tell them your favorite blogger incapacitated herself typing.

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