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Friday, December 2, 2016

Maybe It's Actually Winter

This morning my alarm went off at 5:45 AM again and I was committed to making it to the box. Blaine's my favorite coach. Blaine coaches in the early morning. This is my motivation to get out of my nice warm bed, put on pants (I hate pants), and go out into the frigid Georgia morning. It's been even better since I started having to clean up a crate before I can leave. Poor Daisy Mae.

This morning was not my jam. Snatches are hard. Overhead squats are hard. I don't have muscle-ups and subbed 3 pull-ups and 3 ring-dips for each muscle-up. I have to use a band for ring-dips. It was basically an entire morning of highlighting shit I have to work on. I got 4 rounds plus 10 overhead squats in 12 minutes. I wasn't moving very fast but I did all of the OHS unbroken and never dropped off the pull-up bar between pull-ups. Small victories.

I always feel like a beautiful dalmatian when I wear those leggings and the matching sports bra. That's my new Cashel hoodie, also from Fabletics. Unfortunately it's already sold out, or I would highly recommend it. It's fitted and warm but not bulking or restricting.

I'm 90% sure Trump won the election in response to this bullshit color of the year combo. That caption pretty much sums up how Pepe the Frog started a movement. Let that be a lesson to you Pantone. You should have picked Scuba Blue!

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