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Monday, February 6, 2017

Bikram Yoga Roslyn

Two years ago, I was visiting my parents in New York for a couple of weeks and I went to Bikram Yoga Roslyn. It was a really rough time. I had recently been attacked, and I had stopped sleeping. Not sleeping will drive you insane. I was fighting a lot with my then boyfriend, I knew I was getting laid off, and I felt like I had wasted a year of my life in Atlanta by not making any friends. I walk into the studio, not knowing anyone, and I met Keith. He made me feel so welcomed and I really needed a friend that week.

Keith and I have kept in touch and we got to practice together on Saturday! He really is the best because he got up at the ass crack of dawn to go to the 7:30 AM class because I had an early afternoon flight. Mary Griffin taught class and it was lovely.

Keith brought me a coconut water and this brand is hands down the best coconut water I've ever had outside of a coconut. It is delicious.

That guy I've been seeing has been telling me to go to Bikram for over a month because it would be good for my back. Clearly I never listen to anyone I've slept with, but I have to admit that I should have listened to him because my back felt incredible after class. The warm-up series were extremely difficult and there was a moment where I thought my back was going to start to spasm. I felt panicky until I remembered the proximity of North Shore Long Island Jewish Hospital.

I am very proud to share that I was able to do camel pose. I have struggled with this pose since way back in 2011, so this is kind of a big deal. That guy I've been seeing is very good at camel pose, and it makes me jealous, and I really wanted to make him proud of me. 

I started a blog post about Bikram Yoga Roslyn back in 2015 that I never got around to posting. I checked the website and I don't think they have the $25 introductory week anymore, but they have 3 weeks for $49, which is a better deal.

While I was in NY, I took advantage of Bikram Yoga Roslyn's introductory week special - seven consecutive days of yoga for $25. My friend Alyssa had told me about Bikram Roslyn about a year ago and I was looking forward to checking out the studio. It has hypoallergenic flooring and we know how much I love hypoallergenic flooring.

I attended four classes with three different instructors. I enjoyed my classes with Janice Burke the most, but also liked Gina Gallo and Judit McEvoy's teaching styles. 

I like how Bikram forces you to embrace the suck because those poses are difficult and it is hot. My arms don't like doing half of the movements and I could definitely feel the benefits in my lats after two classes.

This is when Keith and I first became friends!

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