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Monday, September 3, 2012

Rest, Running, & Relaxation

I didn't get home until 3:15 this morning and I wasn't even drinking. Sober September has been a success thus far. I made myself get up at 9:30, but there were no yoga classes being offered today at the Long Island Equinoxes. My body is too sore for another full body workout class.

After lounging and napping today, I went for a quick run around the block at about 6 PM. I realized I had forgotten all of my Brooks road sneakers in Manhattan so I was forced to wear a pair of Nikes that I don't care for much. The LunarGlides 2 are just too heavy and clunky. I feel like I'm wearing platforms.

I'm fully capable of sucking it up for a few miles. I listened to a mix I found on my iPhone called "I Respect You" filled with some songs that don't really show respect for anyone. Ohh, drunken playlist making. I'm sure I was pissed at someone when I made it.

I ran 4 miles. Feel pretty good about myself and this commitment to fitness. Just have to keep going for the rest of the month.*

*For the sake of full disclosure, Sober September Health Month might be ending on the 28th. The annual Cape Cod bender is that weekend and I'd like to participate.

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