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Monday, January 6, 2014

Please Post in the Comment Section

Apparently I really hit a nerve with some folks with last night's post. Let me clarify a few things. One, I'm not angry or pissed off. I'm just a little surprised with how I feel about readers talking about things they have read to each other. There's also the matter of talking to me about what you read. Alyssa, you are one of my best friends. You are frequently THERE when I finish a race. Of course I appreciate your support. Kid I went to college with and see maybe twice a year, your opinion on kipping pull-ups means very little to me and why do you have my number?

One of the best things about having a blog is sharing things about myself with other people. One of the worst things about having a blog is sharing things about myself with other people. It can create a false sense of intimacy. I choose what I post on here and there's a lot that I keep to myself, which is probably shocking to you. As a blogger, how do you navigate the boundaries between online and in real life? Should I write with the assumption that everyone in my life reads my blog? Should people in my life have to accept that knowing and interacting with me makes them fair game to be on my blog? Should I be okay knowing that my blog posts might become fodder for discussion amongst people I know? Should this impact what I write about?

I'm not sure what are the answers to these questions. I don't think I've ever yelled at someone for saying nice things to me about ISOOM even if it's made me uncomfortable enough to want to do so. I really appreciate when people tell me that ISOOM inspires them to push themselves fitness-wise. I spend 23 and a half hours a day thinking about myself. The other 30 minutes I spend thinking about bacon. It's good for me to hear about other people's goals, struggles, and successes. Please post yours in the comment section.


  1. people SHOULD comment more on your blog! it's a great way to keep the conversation going and ultimately You should feel flattered that people feel comfortable to approach you. i think this blog has inspired people to head over to cross fit, try running and get moving but there is absolutely a more appropriate way to do it. aka HERE in the comments.

    and now i want some bacon.. so thanks for that.

  2. thanks Lys Lys. You're right, I do feel flattered. I'm a big fan of the comment section although we don't really use it because when I read the comments, I know they are about the post on the blog. I think what I found most disconcerting was the lack of context around the texts and conversations.

    And the paleo challenge started today. I had some delicious bacon straight out of the microwave this morning because I am lazy and don't know how to use my stove.

  3. only 30 minutes about bacon??? mmmmm bacon. I dream about bacon. PS, THIS THING MADE ME REGISTER. I HATE REGISTERING, BUT I DID IT SO I CAN COMMENT!!

  4. you can click to be notified when someone replies to your comment. i probably spend closer to an hour thinking about bacon every day. right now i am eating what i believe is bacon-wrapped shrimp but it might be artificial shrimp.


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