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Friday, April 18, 2014

Early April in Photos

April has been pretty dang good to me thus far. Here are some photos that capture why it's been so nice.

One day my friend Brittany came to visit me at work and we went to CFHK. She didn't bring her gym clothes but we were able to convince her to wear some of our extra gear and train in her sock feet. There she is with two of my other most favorite people - Tammy and Rachel. It was a great Friday afternoon and I am so thankful to have these three ladies in my life.

Tammy is working on her jerk recovery. This is when we put more weight than we can jerk onto the rack and jerk from that starting position. This helps us to get stronger and improve our form.

I stayed with my parents for a little after my surgery. My dad apparently doesn't like the scent of cooking bacon. I woke up to find this Post-It on the microwave.

My friend from high school works for CrossFit HQ and just casually trains with Pat Sherwood. No big deal. It took them about 52 minutes to perform their workout. And for some reason, this friend of mine refuses to introduce me to my future husband.

I've mentioned that my friend Ryan has influenced me to start using MyFitnessPal, but I might not have added that I've already lost 4.5 lbs. I guess I was eating a little too much food. When I was in LA hanging out with my friends Rylan and Colton, I joined Colton on his daily trip to Whole Foods. He likes to eat turkey and a green juice every day. I've been eating it for my morning meal more often and it is surprisingly filling and delicious.

The Saturday before my surgery, I joined some of my CFHK friends at the Cliffs at LIC for some bouldering. I've gone rock climbing before but not in the past decade and I had never gone bouldering. Nieves was a great and patient teacher. I was scared at first but I got to the top of one of the v0 problems by the end of our session.

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