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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Running in Nanos

I don't recommend it.

After my midday track workout yesterday, I went back to work for the rest of the afternoon. Then I asked my mom to drop be off at CrossFit Central LI because my car was still in the shop. We had a bench press deload week followed by a nice 21-15-9 couplet.

My overhead squat is still pretty light. Back at Frostbite 2014, I PR'd with a 65# OHS and I was able to get 4 unbroken at that weight, barely. I managed 35# (15# training bar and 2 tens) but I certainly wasn't going unbroken.

My mother offered to come pick me up after class, but I was all, "Don't worry about it! I need the exercise." And that's how I ended up running 6 miles down the highway in my Nanos.

Six miles - really not that bad. Six miles after a WOD - still very much doable. Six miles in those shoes - sweet fucking jeezus. NOT. OKAY. AT. ALL. I can run 800s in them. I've even done a mile. But honestly, those things aren't intended for anything over two, and if they are, I don't have the right feet for them.

I went back today for the 11:30 WOD today and it was glorious. 


8 Min Amrap
Double Unders
Push ups

Rest 3 min

1 Round
500 Meter Row
Max Rep Wall Ball Shots  20/14
Your score is Wall Ball Reps
One the ball falls you’re done

Rest 3 min

5 Rounds
5 Power Cleans @185/125
7 Dips

I made it through one round of 21-15-9 plus 21 double-unders, 21 lunges, and 9 push-ups. The push-ups really killed me. I did my wallballs with a 10# ball because I'm still trying to get back the form I developed before the whole nose surgery. Using the lighter ball makes me less afraid of bashing myself in the face and allows me to focus on catching and tossing the ball while getting my ass below parallel. I got 25 wallballs before my form went to shit.

I used 75# for the power cleans and a red band for the dips. I finished in 7 minutes and 10 seconds.

Yes, this WOD was a pain in the ass to score. 0 + 211, 7:10 in case you were wondering.

And by rest, you mean ample time to change shoes between movements?
And this is my assistant Mr. Mink. This is how we spend our work day.

I call this "Cat and Mouse."

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