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Friday, June 27, 2014

The 2,645 Calorie Burger

Yesterday was one of the best days. I got to do so many things that I enjoy and love. My new job puts me in charge of the logistics and operations for a bunch of mini-conferences and I had the opportunity to help out with ops at another team's mini-conference this week as a bit of practice. A bunch of my favorite colleagues were flown into Atlanta for two days and I got to see my friends and organize stuff and internet stalk research our guest facilitators and basically do everything I enjoy doing at work. And there were paleo-compliant snacks. FOR. THE. WIN.

We magically ended on time (this may be the first and only time I will ever experience an on-time wrap up at this organization) and I made it to the 6 PM class at CFID with ample time to warm up and roll around on the floor. We worked on handstands and I picked to work on a part of the wall next to Ron. Ron and I got to talking about my Frostbite 2014 LIC t-shirt and it turns out Ron was a CrossFit Hell's Kitchen member until he moved to Atlanta in fall 2012. Such a small world! I caught him up on CFHK happenings (Abby, we are overdue for another update!) and discussed the appropriate way to pronounce, "Horrible Florida oranges."

Hi Anthony!
I was messing around with handstands after class and Drew generously stopped her warm-up to give me pointers AND showed me how to work on kipping handstand push-ups. I am so lucky to have her in my life, even if I won't see her as often for much longer. ::epic sad face:: Drew is moving to Dallas soon and she's going to be coaching at a box there. I'm going to find out the affiliate's name and if you're in Dallas, I highly recommend that you take a class with her. My sister and aunt live in Dallas and I think I'll have to go visit them as an excuse to get to one of Drew's WODs.

Now normally my day maxes out at CrossFit (even if I go at 7 AM) but Thursday just kept getting better. Andrew is a friend I met through work but he is much more than a work friend, and I'm not just saying that because tomorrow is his birthday. I can count on him to make me laugh, keep me sane, and expose me to hipster things. This is how we and our new friend James ended up having an epic dinner at the Vortex Bar and Grill in Little Five Points. Say hello to the 2,645 calorie burger.

The Hangover Helper
nailed it!

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