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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Facing Your Fears

I didn't think I was afraid of heights until I started doing obstacle races. Sure, I would sometimes get a little queasy on the escalator at the 59th Street subway station but I honestly thought that had more to do with my perpetual state of hungoverness in 2012 than it did with the 70 degree angle of the rickety moving staircase. Then I experienced the cargo nets at my first Spartan Race and I was like eff this ish. It was terrifying.

I keep doing obstacle races because I am scared of them. I don't like falling, especially since I got my nose fixed. I NEVER want to wake up with a face filled with dried blood ever again.

So what gets me to face my fears? Narcissism, pure and simple. Allow me to walk you through my thoughts from the photos below from the Civilian Military Combine - New York City 2014 last month.

Oh fuck. I really do not like cargo nets.

Sweet Jesus. Why is this stupid thing the last obstacle between me and the finish line?

Oh, I'm gonna throw up.

Who is calling my name?


Just keeping moving feet. Just keep smiling.

Heyo, I'm almost there.

And in case you wondered why I looked like I was going pee myself, this is what the obstacle looked like. It was very high up.

A big thank you to the very smart boyfriend who saw how close I was to screaming in terror and told the photographer to focus on me.

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