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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

CrossFit and Fearless

I was in Austin last week for the Texas AmeriCorps conference. The conference was informative, the people were pretty great, AND I got to see my bestest friend Jesse, her fantastic fiance Dave, and the star of their family, Rue the mini Aussie!

No business trip is complete without a drop in. Fortunately CrossFit and Fearless was a mile down the road. I dropped in on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. The first night I took an Uber because I wasn't sure where it was and I signed up for the 6:30 PM class. Like many boxes, CrossFit and Fearless is in an industrial park but it was also super close to some apartments. I imagine it's a convenient location. On Wednesday I mentioned that I was going to CrossFit during a break in the conference and it turned out that Jennifer also CrossFits AND she has dropped in at CFHK since she moved to New York from Sydney.

I happen to like the Pukie mural but apparently it's controversial.
I loved training at CrossFit and Fearless. I partnered with Madison both days for strength. She really pushed me and I ended up PRing my push press by 5 lbs. Hello 100! I also hadn't hit 95# since 2014 and before my shoulder and lats started bothering me, so this is a big accomplishment. We had back squats the next day. Madison hit her 1RM (215#) for 2! I was able to get 185# for 1. It's been a long time since I hit a 185# back squat. I was psyched.

Wednesdays WOD was unbroken doubleunders. Every time you broke, you had to do 15 sumo deadlift high pulls (75/55) and 25 ab mat sit-ups. One time last year I got 104 unbroken doubleunders. I normally get a little panicky at around 70. As we can see from the photo above, I have developed a lot more control over my du's. Sadly I missed the very first one in round 3 and had to go straight back to those vicious SDHP. (Fun fact - I used to have a thing with this guy in NY who happens to be named Michael Jordan. He really fucked up his back from sumo deadlift high pulls and had to give up CrossFit for swimming for months. I think about him every time I see those damn things programmed. I also think about him when I don't wash my hair for 5 days.)

Jen and I ran to CrossFit from our hotel because it was only a mile both ways. I decided to go for a quick 2 mile run along the same route on Thursday morning. And in case you were wondering, yes I did pack multiple pairs of sneakers for a 5 day trip.

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