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Friday, April 1, 2016

Protein Hacks

I'm pretty good about hitting my protein numbers if I plan my meals around my protein sources, but I'm terrible at getting close to 135g of protein if I eat by intuition. I just want to eat carbs. I've been looking for quick hacks to get protein without relying on extra protein shakes and found two simple ways to help you reach your protein goals.

Add egg whites your eggs. Well duh. I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner. I like to eat two scrambled eggs in the morning. I don't use egg beaters because I like the taste of actual eggs, but today I added liquid egg whites. I was able to increase the volume of food and add 10 grams of protein without additional carbs or fats. Trader Joe's cage-free liquid egg whites's macros are 5 P, 0 C, 0 Fat for 46 grams/3 tablespoons.

Cook up a pound of spicy ground turkey. I buy the Trader Joe's regular, whatever ground turkey meat. I've tried the lean kind and the all-white meat kind and they are too dry for my taste. I season the meat with Flavor God Everything Spicy and Chipotle. Since it's already cooked, it's super convenient to use throughout the day. Sometimes I add it to breakfast, other times I have it for lunch or a snack. One ounce of cooked ground turkey is 8 P, 0 C, 3 F. Two ounces is great with eggs. I eat closer to 7 ounces if I'm eating it for lunch.

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