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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Grid Sunday

About a year ago I got roped into participating in a Grid match and I never published the post. I think I was waiting for my friend and very talented photographer, Kristen Alexander, to post her fantastic photos. All the images in this blog post are hers.

We no longer have the grid rig (thankfully), but this was a cool experience and I'm glad I got to participate. The italicized text is from the original post.

My coach Victor Pellegrino is an athlete on the National Pro Grid League's Phoenix Rise. He is a gymnastics specialist and super badass and if you don't follow him on Instagram @buffyoda, you should totally get on that. Earlier this year, we installed a grid rig at the box, and by we, I mean we, since about 20 members came to install the thing and I held up part of it and it was bolted into place. We've been doing team Tuesday WODs using the quadrants but yesterday we finally put it to it's true use when Victor and his wife Wendy hosted a friendly Grid match at the box.

This was my team. Omar and I go to CrossFit Identity. I knew a few of the other athletes from Faith Rx, which I totally should start going to again now that it's at a closer gym and on Wednesdays. Quite a few of those beasts compete(d) in the Southern Amateur Grid League.

The Southern Amateur Grid League (SAGL) is just what it sounds like - an amateur grid league here in the South. Some of the best CrossFit athletes from around Atlanta are in the SAGL, some of whom I've been blessed to meet at Faith Rx'd. Most of the people participating in yesterday's match were SAGL athletes. And then there were a few of us from CrossFit Identity.

This was the other team. Sue, Sam, and Francisco are members at CrossFit Identity. Coach Victor is in the Nike Metcons and 2POOD shorts. Victor makes fantastic grips that many athletes love. 

I had signed up to play but had to drop out when I hurt my back. I volunteered to judge instead. But they were short a few athletes yesterday and I was peer pressured into participating. They didn't have to ask too hard, but I knew that I couldn't lift too heavy. I wrestled with being good and avoiding heavy weights and anything that could set back my recovery and wanting to lift all the weights because I love weights and this was a competition damnit! I stuck to 95#.

That's 95#. I'd like to point out that this photo captures me mid-lift and I did lock out my arms. It took some serious effort and I really shouldn't have been lifting with my back issues at the time. I look like a chunky monkey compared to now (I think, any CFID members able to confirm that I look leaner while lifting?) and I weigh the same. I was just starting to track macros but I was still convinced low carb was the way to go, so I tried to hit my protein goal and then stay under 100 grams of carbs. Clearly that wasn't working in my favor.

A Grid match has two opposing teams compete in timed events progressing across the four quadrants. You get to split the work up across the team and assign people who are actually good at movements to the work. I was clearly the weakest link on my team but they couldn't compete without me, so there was that.

Fun fact - I can now do pistols, aka one-legged squats. All it took as a few months of Pure Barre and one day I was just able to start knocking them out.

This is Niko. He is super strong and one of the leaders of the Faith Rx Atlanta chapter. Very good guy.

Sue dominating the rope.

Dr. Sam climbing the rope. He's so tall that it takes about two pulls.

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