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Friday, May 6, 2016

Dogs and Diet

I mean nothing to them if the boyfriend is over.
Poor Frank is on a diet. I increased the amount of kibble he ate when he went to daycare on a regular basis and neglected to reduce his food now that he spends more time at home with Daisy Mae. I love my chunky monkey, but I don't want him to hurt his back or joints so he's getting less kibble. But don't feel too bad for him. He is getting treats more often to reinforce good behavior, and I've been using my work breaks to play fetch and chase with both of my little couch terrorists.

Daisy Mae has proven herself to be a badass CrossFit dog. She barks cheers for anyone who passes her and was able to drag a 54# kettlebell a few inches in an effort to get more attention.

I got out of the shower and found her wrapped in my baby blankets. Just look at that face.

I haven't been very good with my macros the past two weeks. Sometimes I am just ridiculously hungry. My weight has been fluctuating a lot but I think I'm truly around 144 lbs. Tomorrow I have a body fat test and I'm a little nervous. I hope I've made as much progress as I think I have.

It's not good to focus too much on the number on the scale. Fun fact, three years ago (before CrossFit), I thought 144 lbs was so heavy. I had hit 147 a few times and was convinced I was obese. I mean I was definitely fat, but that wasn't because of the number on the scale. I literally had a lot of body fat and not that much lean muscle. Now 144 lbs is a number I'm proud of. I've worked really hard to rein in my nutrition, lose body fat, and now lose my muscle or strength.

I bought this dress at a consignment shop right before this Weight Loss Wednesday post in July 2013. I weighed 136.4 lbs and I could zipper it fully, but it was snug. I have never gotten to wear it because I haven't been able to zipper it since. I try it on from time to time and this is the highest I've gotten the zipper since that day in the store. My new goal is to wear it sometime this summer.

I think the scale is a helpful tool but I want a tangible goal that has a reward at the end. If I get lean enough to close the zipper, I get to wear the dress. This is a goal I can strive towards better than some arbitrary number.

Yesterday at CrossFit we had handstand mechanics and 8 sets of 400 m sprints for active recovery day. I got my first freestanding headstand and then I promptly flipped over. I used my Garmin for the sprints. Turns out our 400 marker is inaccurate. The beeping sound that tells me to run and rest sounded an awful lot like these obnoxious birds on the telephone wire, so it took me a few rounds to figure out what was the watch and what was them. I freaking love running data.

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