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Friday, February 21, 2014

Almost Time for Frostbite

Tomorrow is my first CrossFit competition - Frostbite 2014. I am nervous, anxious, and extremely excited. My bag is packed, my outfit is laid out, and I ate an entire pint of ice cream. I hope I don't let my team down and deep down, I really hope we win the scaled division.

Dear CrossFit Gods,
Thank you for the weather forecast because this is going to be the toastiest Frostbite yet. Please help me to keep my head in the game and the passion I have for CrossFit in my heart. Aaaand, I'd be forever grateful if you could ensure that there's at least 6 photos where my ass looks great and I'm not making a stupid face.Sincerely,Alessandra Echeverria 

and EVERYBODY knows that if you pray to the CrossFit Gods hard enough, Greg Glassman answers.

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