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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Home on the Range

So I'm starting a new Throwback Thursday feature to make myself finish and share posts that I have started over the years and never finished. Get excited for some old pics and fun tales.

Throwback to the time my sister and I went to the shooting range.

Another thing I learned in 2012 is how to shoot a rifle. Back in November, someone sent me a LivingSocial deal for a martini and oyster dinner. In the tiny bottom righthand corner was an offer for Dynamic Firearms Training's Shooting Range package. For $59, the package included rifle rental, ammunition, safety gear, and classroom and range training. Obviously I emailed my sister and told her we should go.

Neeni (my sister) scheduled our class for Sunday, December 30. Great way to finish out the year if you ask me. My sister schooled everyone and shot closest to the bulls eye at 25 yards. As her prize, she got to shoot an AK-47.

Here's a picture of a target. I can't remember if it was hers or mine.


  1. Yes! Looking forward to more tbt posts!

  2. Yay! I have so many posts I've started but never gotten around to finishing. I think having a TBT each week will get some really nifty stuff out


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