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Sunday, February 9, 2014

84 Hang Cleans, 84 Push-Presses, and 84 GHD Sit-Ups

I made it to CrossFit Central LI for an awesome and challenging WOD. It was an opportunity to practice pacing myself and pushing through mental roadblocks. And since it was a triplet in multiples of 3, my number 3-obsessed pattern-loving mind had a wee of a time breaking down the movements. I did the first 21 hang cleans unbroken but figured out quickly that I wouldn't be able to keep that up. From there I worked with multiples of 3 on the push-presses (7-7-7, 6-6-6 and so on) and crushed the GHD sit-ups. Ever since Rachel's birthday WOD, my shoulders kill whenever I attempt toes to bar.

My car got frozen to the driveway and the front bumper came off, or so my parents claim. This sounded fishy to me too but I got my car back looking better than the day I bought it so I'm not complaining. I drove my dad's car to the box (thanks Dad!), but unfortunately his car doesn't have a cup holder that accommodates a 44 oz iced coffee.

makeshift cup holder

bacon, coffee, and a box table
I asked one of the guys I see pretty regularly to take a photo of me hanging from the rig so you could see my amazingly patriotic outfit. It didn't come out so well, but I appreciate his effort.

Here are the shoes.

My arms faltered at the end of a set of push-presses and I womped myself in the chest. This bruise is going to be sick.

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