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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Reasons I Tend to Talk to My CrossFit Friends First

I swore I wouldn't be one of those people who became obsessed with CrossFit and got all new friends. Hah. I am obsessive compulsive by nature, so obviously I was going to go all in upon drinking the Kool-Aid joining the community. I do still have non-CrossFit friends, even if I am slowly convincing each one to join a box, but I tend to talk to my CrossFit friends more often and when given a choice to discuss things that interest me, I go to them first.

Here are 7 Reasons I Tend to Talk to My CrossFit Friends First

1. When I say I'm eating paleo, they understand that I am not on a juice cleanse and they don't try to offer me edamame. They commiserate over the initial pain of the Whole30 Challenge. They share every way they have ever cooked a sweet potato.
2. They don't blink an eye if they see me eating coconut oil off of a spoon. 
Or when I slather it all over my face.
3. They get excited about $15 for $30 livingsocial deals at American Apparel because it means more knee socks.

4. They don't get hung up on the word snatch but they still love a good double entendre. 
5. When you call them a beast they consider it a compliment.

6. They can discuss the merits (or lack there) of the sumo deadlift versus the deadlift and see it as a valid conversation.

Levi Curve ID Demi Curve jeans have changed my life.
7. When I complain about how difficult it is to find pants that fit over my quads, they don't tell me to eat less and exercise more or tell me to do more cardio.


  1. i HATE when people think Paleo/Whole30 is a weight loss plan or diet. I do not do whole30s to be THINNER i do them to burn cleaner.

  2. I feel your pain! I keep hearing that I should ditch my "fad diet" because I'll "gain all the weight back" when I start "eating normally again." I was like, WTF? Grains will kill you! That's normal!


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