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Thursday, November 5, 2015


My Blade Digital Pocket Scale has arrived! I feel like I have bought myself the freedom to eat things on the go because now I can measure out the serving that fits my macros. I'm an all or nothing kind of person. I either weigh and track everything and refuse to eat outside of my home, or I go hog wild and I'm ordering six sides to go with my hungry man breakfast. I'm hoping this pocket scale helps to keep me balanced.

UPDATE: My lovely coworkers brought Tasty China leftovers into the office and I was able to do some finangling with my planned macros and enjoy a delicious Chinese treat because of my pocket scale. I gave myself 2 ounces of white rice and an ounce of each dish, got to taste all the flavors, and I'm not in a food coma. Pocket scale for the win!

I was reading the Food+City Challenge Prize handbook at work (because I wrote the entry that made Piggy Bank an official finalist) and they referenced the SITU scale. How have I not heard of this scale?

I wondered what made it different from any other food scale when using a food tracker, and so I found this video that demos making a sandwich.

It's a pretty cool idea and something I might explore in the future. For right now, I'm pretty content using MyFitnessPal.

I mentioned that I had my body fat measured on Saturday. I'm a big believer in hydrostatic body fat testing. You get weighed on a regular scale and then you get into a tank of warm water. The operator has you go underwater and blow all the air out of your lungs three times. Then he prints out this nifty report.

The test said that my body is 21.4% fat. My fancy smart scale at home told me I have 28.3% body fat this morning. This challenges the accuracy of those at-home scales, huh?

I placed a order recently and got to choose a free gift. I got the fat measurer kit but haven't opened it yet. It really requires someone to help you out with it, and I don't know anyone besides my ex-boyfriend who is willing (and perhaps even a bit excited) to pinch my fat with calipers.

My nutrition coach Jenna recommends the Omron Fat Loss Monitor, which I am looking at on Amazon right now. Part of me is a little scared to own this thing because I'd be obsessed with progress each week.

UPDATE: I ordered the fat loss monitor. I am SO EXCITED.

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