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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Thighs are Hungover

This month I'm focusing on Pure Barre because our studio is having a challenge. The goal is complete 16 classes in the 31 days of January. I have two work trips this month but I'm on track to finish my 16th class on the 31st. I really like filling in the circles on the studio tracker chart. Clients who complete the challenge receive a special tank top. I'm not sure if I get one because I'm a team member, but I did use 8 or 9 of my paid classes towards the challenge, so maybe I do. I at least deserve half a tank top, right?

Sometimes I feel like I should wear a tank top to class that says, "Disclaimer: These thighs came from CrossFit." I know I look bulkier than many of the other girls who take class as often as I do. Some of the language that gets used in class includes describing movements as something that will trim your thighs or side seat, and I get that trimming lower body parts is a goal for many women. It is not a goal of mine. I actually work very hard to have thighs and a butt as large as I do. My goal is to make these muscles more defined and that's something I'm working on through my diet. In my head, I imagine some of these women thinking, "Oh that poor girl. She's here all the time and her thighs are still so big." Mission accomplished, ladies.

One of our front desk associates, Michelle, was wearing this tank the other day.
Even though I've been going to Pure Barre more often that CrossFit, my lifts are improving. I credit the isometric holds and increased body awareness I've gained from regularly tucking, shaking, and pulsing at Pure Barre Virginia Highland*. Yesterday I went to CrossFit in the morning and Pure Barre in the evening. The strength portion was 5x3 tempo squats (3-3-1-3) at 65% of your 1RM. My 1RM is 200 lbs but I haven't hit that since November 2014. I've been struggling to hit my percentages since before tour and dropped all of my numbers down. It was disheartening, but I knew I had lost strength and needed to check my pride before getting hurt. Sixty-five percent of 200 is about 130 and I used 135#. I was over the moon excited that I was able to move that kind of weight and it felt easy. I credit Pure Barre for teaching me how to active my glutes and hold uncomfortable positions for a long period of time comfortably. I got down into my squats and hung out in the hole for 3 seconds without panicking that I would get stuck. I will say that I should have switched my workouts because tucking in a squat on high tip toes felt like the devil later that evening.

*I live in a neighborhood called Virginia Highland. It is named after the intersection of Virginia Avenue NE and North Highland Avenue NE. Some people call it Virginia Highlands, even though we're not named after any highlands and the street does haven't an S. I've seen our studio written as both.

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