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Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 2016 Goals

Good morning! It's February 1, so 36% of Americans have already thrown in the towel on their New Years Resolutions. I am one of the 64% who still have their butts in gear.

Pure Barre goal: 16 classes in January. My monthly goal is 10 classes, but our studio had a 16 classes in 31 days challenge and I like to win challenges.

CrossFit goal: 8/200 WODS. I went to CrossFit 8 times in January, making a slight dent in my goal of 200 WODs in 2016. I had two drop-ins - CrossFit Willy B and Beltway CrossFit.

Wellness goals: I have been tracking my water intake on most days and getting close to 100 ounces of water or more a day. I have been sleeping a little better. I also have an Ambien prescription but I try to not take it.

I've been working with my nutrition coach Jenna from Crazy Healthy Fit since November and I've been making some real progress. Today I weighed in at 143.8 lbs., down from 150 lbs. I have this Omron body fat tester but for the life of me, I cannot get a consistent reading. I am going to get my body fat tested again this month to see how much I have improved since October 31.

My new Target bathing suit. How many more days until pool season?

My friend Drew inspired me to commit to losing some body fat. Drew was one of my first friends in Atlanta and she welcomed me to CrossFit Identity right away. Then she decided to leave me for Dallas! Drew is a badass, a lawyer, a CrossFit coach, a wife, and a wonderful mama to some beautiful furbabies. She's basically my hero. So when Drew made a goal to lose some body fat last summer and then knocked her goal OUT OF THE PARK, even after attending the Texas State Fair, I was like girl, you need to make a commitment to yourself too. Today is Drew's first day at her new job, which is sadly still in Texas, and I hope she has an awesome day!

Drew came to visit us in October and it was magical.

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