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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fists of Energy!

I got to attend my favorite spin class this morning with Craig. I love Craig. I love his class. I love his class's music. It's the best ever. It better be considering it requires signing up 26 hours in advance, which means 6:30am on Saturday morning.

I booked bike #23 because it is my favorite but when I got to Equinox this morning I found that someone had removed the straps from the shoe cage. I hate people. Thankfully I arrived early enough to run downstairs and switch to bike #1. Bike #1 is located right next to the instructor and directly in front of the mirror. How I let this prime piece of real estate go unnoticed is beyond me, but for 60 minutes I got to sit next to Craig and stare at myself. I also had a good line of vision to check out my glutes, I mean form, in the wall mirror to the left. My dad's in real estate as he always says it's all about location, location, location. From now on bike #1 is my favorite bike.

I love Craig's class for many reasons, but one thing I particularly like is how I learn something new each time I go. Today Craig encouraged us to try cycling for ten seconds at a time without our hands. You're probably rolling your eyes because you're thinking, "How hard can it be to ride a stationary bike with no hands?" It's pretty hard when you're out of the saddle, out in 3, with your hands hovering above the handlebars. This exercise forced me to really engage my core in order to stay upright.

As I've mentioned before, my absolute favorite part of class is the 3 minute sprint home at the end. Then we cool down and stretch on the bike. I really enjoy the fists of energy at the end. As I reread this, I realize that fists of energy sounds pretty dirty, but I like it because I never remember to stretch out my hands.


  1. Allie is this class in the city or on LI? I really want to try spinning

  2. This class is Great Neck, 8:30 am Sundays. Want to go this weekend?


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