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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Free Tanning Sundays

So this little gem of marketing genius is actually a misnomer - tanning isn't free on Sundays at Beach Bum, but it is certainly much less expensive. If you have a package, you can buy a lotion packet for as little as $5 and get a "free" tanning session. And this only applies after 4pm, but since they are open until midnight (or later), you really do have a large window of opportunity to take advantage of this deal.

Today I drove Petunia the PT Cruiser back over to Greenvale to spend ten glorious minutes in the KBL America. To read my review of this prime example of tanning technology, click here. Despite the criticism indoor tanning receives, I do it because it makes me feel better. Although I have been anxious and depressed about the crapshoot I managed to get myself into recently, I left feeling optimistic that I could handle everything that is on my plate. My teeth are also significantly whiter, which just puts a smile on my face. And one session in the KBL America goes for $29, so a session and a lotion packet for $5 really is a steal.

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