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Monday, January 31, 2011

FIREd up! and Back at the Gym

So they haven't fired me... yet. Just to stay on the safe side I stayed an extra two and half hours at work today. Clearly the sleep deprivation has affected my critical thinking skills because I promptly drove myself straight into bumper to bumper traffic. I quickly realized that dance class with Yves was out. I spent the next 40 minutes and 8 miles trying to convince myself I would be okay if I drove straight home. Then I started searching for classes on MYEQ. I'm waiting for the day when I get pulled over for texting and I say, "Oh no Officer. I wasn't communicating with anyone. I was just looking up group fitness classes that I would be able to attend based on the estimated time of arrival as determined by my GPS." Hopefully it's not a lady cop. They don't tend to like me.

I saw that Assia Winfield would be teaching something called FIREd up! (Sculpt) at the Great Neck Equinox at 7pm. I used to take a lot of classes with Assia when I first joined Equinox (her current scheduling doesn't really work for my routine), and I knew that I would get a great workout, so I got off at Little Neck Parkway and got mentally prepared for 60 minutes in spandex.

FIREd up! required a step on three raisers, a body bar, and 3lbs, 5lbs, and 8lbs weights. The class is a full-body workout and aims to burn 600 calories in the hour. I love Assia's focus on form. The woman also loves abdominal muscles and she makes sure that you are aware of yours. She kept telling me to suck mine in. I was sucking. Oops. We worked on our obliques. We also did a lot of lower body work, incorporating weights and balance. My arms are completely out of shape so I don't have much to say about the upper body moves. I even got to show off my plyo moves. We had to jump in the air and kick our butts. For some reason I can really vault myself up there, which makes me feel special and gets everyone else's attention.

I managed to eat clean all day today. I think it's easier when I'm constantly working. I didn't want to leave my readers without a post, so I'm actually furiously typing while shoveling dinner into my mouth. Tonight I'm enjoying one of my absolute favorites, bruschetta-style salmon and mashed sweet potatoes. God bless Whole Foods and my mother who shops there.

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