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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Athletic Supporters

"If you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter." - Principal McGee, Grease

The best part of Rock The Ridge was my wonderful friends coming to see me. Fifty miles was a very daunting distance for me (and still is to be honest) and knowing that people I care about bothered to come to New Paltz was incredibly motivating.

I was running along mile twenty when I saw my friend and spinning instructor Tripp Doherty and his lady friend Janene. Tripp had told me that he would come up and ride the course on the day of the race, but to be honest, I didn't really believe it. It meant so, so much to me to see them both and I felt very loved. Tripp is a big inspiration in my life. Spending time with him has motivated me to push myself farther and harder than I had ever imagined. He also makes me want to be my best self. After one spin class where Tripp spoke about forgiveness, I ended a fight between my aunt and me that had become a major family argument. I don't know how many workout classes you have gone to that have changed the way you think and act, but I've been blessed to go to quite a few since Tripp started teaching at my local Equinox in 2007.

Tripp and me at the waterfall.
Photo courtesy of Janene
I met running friends at mile 19.4, named Kelly and Tommy. We stayed together for the rest of the race, but more about them later. Tripp and Janene rode their bikes along with us for much of the course. I really appreciated when they rode ahead and took awesome photographs for us.

photo courtesy of Janene
I cannot thank my friends Christina, Audrey, and Alyssa enough for coming up to watch me finish. Not only did I underestimate my finish time by over an hour and a half, forcing them to wait around, they missed the Kentucky Derby to watch me cross the line. They made me the beautiful banner you see below and came armed with yellow Gatorade and a sandwich. They also drove my car back to Westchester and set up the shower so I could wash the grime off my body. After so many hours on your feet, simple things like finding soap is a lot more difficult than you would imagine. These are real friends and I am so lucky to have them.

Running can be a pretty solitary sport but I have found trail running to be a community effort. Maybe it's the added distance, being surrounded by nature, or the type of people drawn to these kinds of events. I am so thankful for my wonderful friends traveling to share this special day with me.

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