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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Reader Mike Plans to Run R2R

Today I received an email from my friend, my hero, and an In Shape Out of Mind reader Mike congratulating me on Rock The Ridge. Mike is awesome and he is a Marine currently deployed in Afghanistan. I'm kind of obsessed with him and you should be too.

Mike tells me that he's planning to run the Grand Canyon rim to rim when he gets back. R2R is supposed to be amazingly beautiful with breathtaking views. A little light research (Who am I kidding? I've googled this so many times) reveals that the R2R run can be started from either the North or South Rim. Those who want to go bold, run R2R2R. R2R runners start on the North Rim and R2R2R runners start on the South Rim because the climb up the North Rim is a major pain in the ass.

To read more about running the Grand Canyon, head over to this post that I really liked.

So now I am super excited for Mike to run the Grand Canyon. I also just want him to come home.

Thank you Mike for doing you. Stay safe!

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