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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Casual Jog to Walmart

Greetings from Centerville, Iowa! Right now I'm at a Super 8 for the night on a small road trip down to Missouri and back. This morning I was in Independence, Iowa, where my grandma lives, and where my amazing friend Jacqie will be getting married this weekend. Eeek!

Anyway, since I have a bridesmaid dress to fit into this weekend, I went for a casual run around town. My knee was killing me on my flight yesterday and I swear it felt like it was trying to get out of my leg by any means necessary. Thankfully I was able to keep a nice consistent pace going today for my 3.52 mile excursion.

I recently went to the Champion store at the Tanger Outlets and picked up some sick new gear. I wore these fitted bike shorts, performance tank, and sports bra today for a test run and I love them.

These shorts are great because they are on the longer side and they stay where they are. I hate when my shorts ride up my ass making me look like a hoochie mama and then I spend the entire run picking a wedgie. I think these are perfect for my 50 mile bike ride next month.

The fushia sports bra is the same C9 by Champion sports bra I always wear but in a better color. The tank is performance material and the back is mesh. I am a big fan but I think it could stay in place a bit better. I'm also rocking a sick pinot grigio gut so that might have something to do with it. On a side note, my mother says I am looking slimmer these days.

I ran from my grandma's house to the Walmart, cut through the parking lot, and then ran down the highway and back through town. I'm okay with my pace for each mile because I was really just trying to shake my legs out.

I saw this couple on the way to Wally World. One day I hope I have someone who will walk along my Jazzy. Although, to be honest, I'll probably be running circles around the Jazzy, but I hope to have someone who will scoot along beside me. Taking applications at

I was greeted at the back door my the little cat. His name is Alex and he's actually huge, but his brother Alvin is even bigger, which is why we call him the little one.

I was gross anyway so I hung out on the porch to dry off.

sweaty on the back porch
Do these pictures look out of focus to anyone else? I'm wondering if the new version of Blogger for iPhone screwed around with the pixels. Let me know.


  1. can't wait to see you!!!! Soooooooo excited!!! Love you!!!

  2. I can't wait!!!!! We left for the road trip today and will be back tomorrow night. Let me me know if I can take on any bridesmaid duties!


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