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Sunday, September 1, 2013

CrossFit Central LI

I've made it to CrossFit Central LI three times this week. Even this morning. One of my favorite things about having friends who live in Hawai'i is that when I'm up at weird hours, they're up for real. This is a beautiful photo I took of myself and sent to my buddy Alex. He was out at some bar.

I came back from Shelter Island a day early because I was a little over family time. It actually ended up making more sense to leave Wednesday night instead of Thursday morning because I had all day to run errands. I started off with a breakfast of champions and drove into Manhattan to drop things off at my apartment.

44 oz black iced coffee & a ham, egg, and cheese
I was back on LI for the 4:15 WOD. Chad was the coach on Thursday and I'm a big fan of him and his lululemon modeling.

3 Rounds
Row 1K
30 Box Jumps @ 24/20
10 Clean and Jerks @ 135/95

Then: Go for a max Turkish Get up.
Take your time going through movement and rest as needed to reach max weight.

What really happened:
I used the 24 inch box for my box jumps and solidly owned them. This probably led to the hubris that resulted in this calamity. I used 36 lbs (the 5kg bar is 11 lbs dammit!) for my clean and jerks. I kept the rower at 6. I finished in 25:14 and felt awesome. The Turkish Get up was just for fun. The 12kg kettlebell schooled me and the 8kg was too light. The 10kg would have been Goldilocks but I couldn't find one. I also found out that I already knew how to do a Turkish Get up because Omar had us do them in Titan Method at Equinox.

I went to work on Friday and maimed myself. It didn't keep me from my Saturday WOD.

This WOD was in honor of the 19 firefighters who died in Arizona on June 30, which explains the numbers except for 7. I can't figure out what its meaning is so if someone could enlighten me, I'd appreciate it.

I did a round of pull-ups with a blue and a red band and found it too easy. The next round I only used a blue band and was able to bust out 7. I found this to be impossible during the third round and went back to the blue and red. I completed the remaining three rounds with the blue band and the smaller orange band. This is improvement and I'm going to push myself to get rid of the bands soon.

Today I was back for open gym. PJ posted a workout on the board but I substituted V-ups for the toes to bar. I warmed up by running around the building and then had to fuss with my set-up for a while and then I youtubed thrusters for the millionth time because I always get nervous that I'm doing them wrong. I used 41 lbs for the thrusters. We had 15 minutes to complete as many rounds as possible and I honestly cannot remember if I marked the round that made me want to puke or if I went into my next round once I could stand again. I made it through the 5 thrusters and 9 V-ups in the round I didn't complete so I added the plus 14.

After I finished the workout, I grabbed a 25 lbs plate for some weighted ab mat sit-ups. I did two rounds of 30. During my last round, at rep 21, I got my ponytail stuck under the plate and pinned myself to the ground. Yup.

I hung around for a bit with PJ after my workout, watching the others and catching up. Great morning.

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