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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

iPad Mini Giveaway Contest from Blood Sweat & Cheers

Last week I became insanely popular at work when I sent an email inviting some of my more athletic fun colleagues to pre-register for the Bad Prom 5K. Yup. A 5K that has a course of the top overplayed cliche prom themes. They encourage costumes. There's day-glo. Clearly there's some kind of inception nonsense going on and race directors are taking my dreams and making them reality.

After my favorite work friends enthusiastically pre-registered for the NYC event, they all said a version of, "Alessandra, this is awesome! Where did you find out about it?" Three (four?) words: Blood Sweat & Cheers.

My friend Anna and her friends in Atlanta do really cool and really fun things EVERY WEEKEND. No really. Their group's motto is, "I'm having a great time." They even have neon sunglasses. (Dude, Brandon, you promised me a pair.) I've decided it's my mission to bring this level of organized fun activities to my friends in New York. Blood Sweat & Cheers' free daily email has already given me plenty ideas of things that are fun and active that we can do together. Let's get out of the dark and crowded bars people! Unless the game is on, obviously.

The emails spotlight the latest crazy obstacle courses, local beers and bar games, workouts that don’t feel like work, and the sweetest new gear - clearly all things In Shape Out of Mind readers enjoy. I'm a huge fan of the Soundcloud playlists and the articles on slightly out-there gear. Did you know that there's a core muscle trainer that uses a mechanical bull saddle? Well you would have if you read Blood Sweat & Cheers.

Sign up today and you have a chance at winning a free iPad Mini. I know I had you at Bad Prom 5K, but contests are neat too.

I leave you with this photo from my prom.

Disclaimer: This is a post sponsored by Blood Sweat & Cheers. ISOOM readers have a chance at winning an iPad Mini after they subscribe to Blood Sweat & Cheers, but the contest is not exclusive to ISOOM. All opinions are my own.

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