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Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Perfect Saturday

Today was a great day. I started my morning right at CrossFit Central LI. Because it is absolutely ridiculously cold out, I need to wear all of that to even drive to the box. Spandex, knee-socks, CFHK t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, CFHK hoodie, and sweatpants JUST TO GET TO THE BOX. Remind me why we didn't move to California again? The theme of today was patriotic.

The WOD was a doozy. Lance and I formed Team No Pants and turned it into a partner WOD. Some folks actually read the website and rested a minute in between rounds. Others folks, Lance and I included, used the 400m run as active recovery slash time to complain about how cold it was.

No man is left behind during my partner WODs so Lance and I stuck together the entire time. Sometimes we waited for the other to finish the lifts and sometimes we ran at paces slower than we could do alone, but no matter what, we were sticking together. Some days I just want to go balls to the wall and I am competing against myself. Other days I want the camaraderie of working with another person. Today I was so psyched to have such a great partner and I was happy to cheer him on. PJ told me I won the day's spirit award. I think people just enjoyed seeing me jump around in my spandex.

Team No Pants
No matter how cold, we're just not into pants.
CrossFit Central LI is always a fun place to be and I don't like to leave right away. Since the place is HUGE, there's space to hang out and work on things without getting in the way of the next class. I did a little work on my snatch and mingled about. I was putting my bar away and decided to hang from the pull-up bar for a bit. I was just dicking around, seeing how long I could hold myself up there for and chatting with PJ. Suddenly I was looking at PJ from OVER THE BAR. I started asking if I was really up there and if he saw how I got up there and making sure that I was really up there. I DID MY FIRST EVER UNASSISTED PULL-UP! I jumped around and danced and yelped and jumped some more. And then I did ANOTHER. And then I was cashed.

As if the day could not get any better, I got to have lunch with my friend Mike. A couple of years ago, my friend Nick told me that his roommate Mike liked my blog. I was flattered that anyone actually read this thing and we exchanged a few emails. It's crazy what's possible because of the internet - 2 years later and Mike is hands down one of my favorite people. I absolutely adore him, I am so proud to know him, we've agreed to run R2R2R (across the Grand Canyon and back) together, and today is the first day we've actually met in person. He sends me so many SnapChats, it's like I see him daily so I didn't even realize (Kidding. Kind of.) Mike doesn't know this yet, but we're getting married. Shhhh.

We are Long Islanders and we do not find it weird that our diners have valet.
After a delicious lunch of eggs and bacon, I headed over to Barnes and Noble. I did a little light reading.

I was meeting my family at Dick's Sporting Goods in 30 minutes, so I got to learn the magical ways of Kelly Starrett and admire his ass form. I spent a good portion of the afternoon in search of ADIDAS Powerlift 2.0s. They apparently do not exist in stores, not even the ADIDAS store, so I ordered them online like I should have in the first place. Let's hope they fit.

This wonderful Saturday continued to get better. I knew I needed to drive into Manhattan to pick up a bunch of laundry at my apartment and drop off the winter clothes that I need for the month of December. Luckily Lauren called saying she was going to the mall up in Harlem. I picked her up when she was done shopping, she sat in my illegally parked car while I dealt with all of my stuff, I drove around the block while she went food shopping, and then she cooked me dinner. All is right with the world.

I have an uncanny ability to get others to cook for me.

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