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Monday, November 11, 2013

Sunday Funday: Team Dangerous WOD

Yesterday might have been the best Sunday Funday in the history of Sunday Fundays. Yup, it was really that good.

I went to the Sunday Funday Team WOD hosted by Team Dangerous, the anti-clique of exceptionally attractive and athletic New Yorkers whose goal is to bring together fitness folks from all over to enjoy one another's company in my favorite pastimes - working out and drinking. It was at CrossFit Black Box on W 28th Street from 2 - 5 PM. (Note: You should Google CrossFit Black Box and not just Black Box when looking for the address. Otherwise you might end up at a burlesque nightclub instead like someone we know.)

I arrived a little before 2, slightly flustered and sweaty. I always forget how far Park to the westside actually is because it looks a lot closer on a map and it's not the whole park or anything. My friend Mark, who I haven't seen in four years, met me there and we had a joyous reunion while I struggled to get out of my two fleeces. Mark is a member at Black Box. Mark is also the only person I've ever met that manages to smell good, not okay but good, after two WODs. Something is up with that but we'll investigate in the future.

I signed a waiver and paid my $10 for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts to Dave who was manning registration. As a person who has headed up registration for multiple events, let me tell you that Dave's registration system was solid. And I got a hug so that was neat.

and Dave looked around and saw that it was good
courtesy of Team Dangerous

The excitement kept on coming because I got to meet Rachel from CFHK in person. We've been communicating via Facebook lately and it was great to finally meet her in real life.

courtesy of Team Dangerous
We lined up and Jason counted us off into teams. I was assigned to Team 3 and we named ourselves Black Hell Fire because we came from Black Box, Hell's Kitchen, and 5th Ave (5th Ave, fire - it made sense.) My teammates were Diego, Joe, and John and I was the weakest link.

courtesy of Team Dangerous
The first WOD was ridiculous and my forearms are still screaming in pain. No really, typing accurately has become rather difficult. I'm sure I'll survive though.

courtesy of Team Dangerous
Anyway, WOD #1: 150 medball clean tosses WHILE your teammates hold two 85 lbs barbells. If the barbells are down, you cannot toss the ball. I couldn't hold the bar for more than 30 seconds at a time and it was so incredibly frustrating. I am competitive and I don't like to have my failures broadcast to others. CrossFit has been a real lesson in humility and I'm glad that it continues to challenge me beyond physical strength. I was getting really pissed off at myself and embarrassed that I couldn't hold the bar for very long but then I heard Peter start screaming for me to dig deep. Instead of being embarrassed, I remembered that at CrossFit people really care about others succeeding and that by closing myself off from this positive energy, I was only preventing myself from doing better. So I got over myself and tried my hardest. My team did not finish because we only completed 127 medball clean tosses in the 10 allotted minutes. I felt badly that I held my team back but I was committed to redeeming myself during WOD #2.

and I am now a GIF
Photos courtesy of Team Dangerous
WOD #2 was a gift made for me: 250m row, 30 box jumps, 30 American kettlebell swings, and 30 burpees. The first teammate starts and once she moves onto box jumps, the next person can go. This continues until all four teammates are working and no one can be at the same station at the same time. I powered through the 250m row and headed on over to box jumps. The box jumps were 20 inches and I had been a little disappointed that they weren't higher until I started jumping. Dear Lord, my legs felt like complete Jello. It was crazy. I was on my last 5 box jumps when John finished his row. I also held him up during the KB swings but I did all 30 unbroken with what I think was the prescribed 16kg KB. He waited around for the burpees too but I don't think for very long. I honestly thought I was going to throw up on myself when I was done. The team finished in 9:24.

courtesy of Team Dangerous
a proper American KB swing
courtesy of Team Dangerous
no dolphin style burpees allowed
courtesy of Team Dangerous
courtesy of Team Dangerous
courtesy of Team Dangerous
courtesy of Team Dangerous
We came in 8th place out of 13 teams. Mark's team came in 7th. Rachel's team was 2nd place when they went into the top 3 championship WOD and the ended up winning overall. Two teammates had power cleans, then one tossed the other over his shoulder for a fireman's carry to the other side of the box. The other two teammates completed 200 doubleunders and then did the fireman's carry. Rachel and her partner's unbroken power cleans were fucking beautiful and her teammates honey badgered the doubleunders. Well done guys!

Rachel being awesome
courtesy of Team Dangerous
By this time the keg was tapped and I was doing what I do best - drinking. I made new friends and scored a pair of yellow Team Dangerous sunglasses (thanks Zack!) The merriment continued over at Tonic and I housed a delicious cheeseburger like the closet fat kid that I am. It was simply an awesome day.

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