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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sunday Funday: Oly Sunday 2

I had such a great time last week at Oly Sunday that I came back for more.

My legs have been getting banged up so I finally started wearing the knee high socks. Often mistaken for some cultish CrossFit fashion trend, they protect your shins from barbell scrapes and bruises. I'm wearing a pair of American Apparel knee high socks that I've had for years but have never really worn. I used to think they made my legs look fat but now I think they look pretty good.

Olympic Lifting might just be the best hour and a half of the week. Today we worked on a snatch complex of a snatch deadlift, snatch, and overhead squat. My best snatch previously was 35 lbs and today I worked up to, wait for it, 50 fucking pounds. I comfortably made it through 40 lbs and moved on up to 45. I wasn't able to snatch it right away and part of me thinks it was a bit mental. Chad came over and explained that I needed to stop thinking about getting my arms up overhead and instead focus on getting my body underneath the bar. Reframing it that way was incredibly helpful and I was able to complete the complex a few times before moving onto 50. Fifty was hard and I wasn't able to get it every time. I would've liked my movements to have been cleaner, but we were all pretty tired by this point.

The WOD was 12 EMOM of 3 power snatches even minutes and 3 overhead squats odd minutes. I took 10 lbs off but Chad told me to drop back down to 35 lbs. It was nice to have a day off from cardio.

I've been secretly dying to start competing but I know I'm not there yet. I was really happy to hear that I have pretty good form and that I just need to get stronger. As someone who just kind of fell into racing a few years ago, it's been kind of challenging to be patient with myself as I get better at CrossFit because I want to be able to compete now.

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