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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fitting In as Much Fitness as Possible in 2013

It's recently come to my attention that some of my readers are not pleased with the focus on CrossFit and preferred the days when posts were almost exclusively about running. Well I went for a run today and my knees hurt so don't get your hopes up anytime soon. I went to my last WOD of 2013 this morning and then came home to find the cleaning couple cleaning my parents' house. I didn't want to get in their way so I changed and headed out for a run. It was probably about 3 miles but my phone died, which meant no GPS tracking and no music. I promptly turned around and was left with my own thoughts. And my own thoughts apparently go straight to imagining my future glory at a Team Dangerous team WOD with 30 of my closest CFHK friends.

it's 21 degrees out and this is my 44 oz iced coffee

This morning's WOD was:

I felt really good about the clean and jerks. I did the first round 5# lighter and then added 2.5s. It was certainly not easy, and a few times I got that feeling I get at around mile 15 of a long run - the please tell me this shit is almost over feeling- but I kept going and finished strong. I wore my new Oly shoes and I think they made a significant difference. Or I was just really into how good I looked.

The metcon was hard. I thought the Russian swings would be the things that got me but it was the goblet squats that made me want to cry. I honey badgered the GHD sit-ups but I really should have adjusted the thing because it took a bit of effort for me to get my feet behind the bar each time. It was extremely important to me that I finish in under 15 minutes and when I saw how close the clock was getting, I kicked my ass in gear. I had taken my sweet ass time between each round and needed to make it up stat.

Last night I hit up the 8:15 WOD. It was just Mitch, Stacey, and me with Alex coaching. We had 5x3 deadlifts with burpees in between. I used 155# for the deadlifts. Then we did the WOD below. I dropped down to 125# for the deadlifts and used a 30# ball for the ball slams. I made myself do every doubleunder and did not count singles or attempts.

I stayed after to run sprints with Mitch and Alex. We started out in the middle on our knees with the tops of our feet flat on the floor. Then we jumped up to land on our feet, ran crossovers to one side, sprinted back across to the far end, and then sprinted back past the other side. Ten times each. I'm glad I did it but I can't say I'd do it on my own.

so happy after CrossFit
 And I hit 50,000 miles on my car.

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