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Friday, December 6, 2013

Make NYC Your Gym

This temporary tattoo is the brainchild of somebody at NYC's Health and Parks Departments. The Make NYC Your Gym campaign kicked off in 2011 and these are still floating around the office. Taking this charge to heart, I found a new use for scaffolding.

Tuesday night my friend JP and I went out to dinner. We happened to pass some scaffolding on the way and did a few pull-ups. Fast forward a few margaritas later and we were back at the scaffolding for another round. I was having trouble jumping up high enough to grasp the bar so I moved a little over where it was lower. As my hands wrapped around it, I realized that the circumference was greater and that my grip was not going to be strong enough to pull myself up and then I was falling. Time slowed as my body quickly approached the concrete. I hurt. All over.

I was back in the box the next night for presses and deconstructed Fran. Stephen took video of me performing my press and I was arching my back like nobody's business. I was really unhappy with myself but I really enjoyed being able to watch what I was doing while getting constructive feedback.

We worked on the kipping pull-up (apparently I am doing it ALL WRONG) and then did a little metcon I renamed deconstructed Fran. (That's a clever name Anthony and I think you should use it for future WODs.) 

Deconstructed Fran
5 rounds for total reps of:

:20 ME Thrusters 95/65#
:20 ME Pullups
:40 Rest

40 thrusters, 7 pull-ups, 1:28 run

I used 50 lbs for the thrusters and didn't use a band for the pull-ups. Yup. Read that again. I didn't use a band for the pull-ups. BAM. And this is why I only did 7 of them. We capped off the workout with a 400m run, which took me 1 minute and 28 seconds.

I left the box at 10:30 PM and went to my apartment like a good girl. I had made plans with JP for the 7 AM WOD the next day because he wanted to drop in at CFHK before he moves to San Francisco. (Yeah, another one of my friends has decided to move to that Godforsaken city.) Instead of going to bed like a normal person, I had an epic text message conversation until about 1 and then didn't actually fall asleep until 2 AM. That 5 AM wake-up felt GREAT.

I got to the box and saw Anthony walking down the street. Turns out he stayed at the box all night working on the renovations. And I thought I was tired. I know that I'm not the only one who appreciates Anthony's dedication to our community. He is amazing. End of story.

I knew I needed to eat something before class so I came with breakfast. I realized recently that I probably inadvertently consume a lot of chalk because I eat at the box a lot. I get hungry and life is just better with snacks.

So class time roles around and guess who didn't show up? JP stood me up. He claims he forgot to set an alarm but I don't believe him. His loss though because the workout was great.

EMOM for 5 : 2 hang snatch at 90 percent of 1RM

EMOM for 5: 2 hang cleans + 1 jerk at 90 percent of 1RM

15 minute AMRAP of:

400m Run
10 Front Rack Lunges 5 R 5 L 135/95
5 Strict Pull Ups

For the hang snatch I did 3x2 at 40 lbs and then 2x2 at 50 lbs. If I can add weight, I usually do. For the hang clean, I was 3x2 at 55 lbs and then 2x2 and 70 lbs.

I used 85 lbs for the lunges, a blue band for the pull-ups, and made it through 4 rounds in just over 14 minutes. I left for another run but didn't make it back until 15:57 so I didn't count it. I entered the office feeling pretty awesome with myself and then found out FedEx didn't deliver a package of meeting folders for a very important donor meeting. And then I cried under my desk.

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