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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Best Workout for Flat Abs... and No Crunches Required

I once had really flat abs... now I have solid abdominal muscles nestled under a fine layer of cupcake-created blubber. It's okay. I might be fat now, but give me two months and I'll be golden. You should be working on your abs even if you still have fat to lose. The most effective way I have found to train my abs has been... wait for it... dance class. No joke. I love Yves Maco's Dance Fusion classes because 1. I get to embrace my inner hip hop video backup dancer and 2. it's so much fun I forget how hard I am working.

Today I let my tangled mess of sweaty hair down (I had already kickboxed for an hour) and put on my badass dancer face. You really have to see it, because any description wouldn't do it justice. If you ever saw the scowl I used to make while ripping butts out of my Saab window on Vernon Street, (I was the girl wearing Wayfarers and too much pearl jewelry), then you can begin to imagine the badass dancer face. I have been dancing with Yves for almost a year now and I have made significant improvement. I still struggle at the beginning of each class, but after about 10 minutes I have fully transformed into my dancer persona, and then you should see how I shake it. You can actually. It's on the video. I'm way in the back.

My core still feels engaged and I'm just standing around typing. I'm going to find it difficult to get out of bed tomorrow morning. The last time I went to Dance Fusion I had to grasp my sheets and start rocking back and forth until I gathered the momentum to sit up. Sadly, there is no video of that.

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