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Friday, October 25, 2013

CrossFit Prom

Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending CrossFit Prom thrown by Team Dangerous at 320 Studios, which is conveniently located one block over from my office. My friend JP graciously agreed to be my date. He goes to CrossFit NYC and as you can see we color-coordinated his shoes with my CFHK wrist wraps. I bought them specifically for prom so we'll see if I started wearing them to WODs or not.

© Clint Mejia

This is my actual prom dress that I wore in the Spring of 2004 to what my high school called the Last Hurrah. It was basically a bootleg prom. It looked a lot better on me this time around but I was slightly nervous that my newly sculpted shoulders were going to bust through the flimsy straps.

A great time was had by all. There was music, dancing, and an open bar. I ended up drinking tequila rather early into the evening, probably because it's paleo. There were glow-sticks and neon Team Dangerous swag, which I obviously snapped up because no one loves a pair of plastic neon sunglasses as much as I do. 

And the best part was making new friends, on Facebook and in real life.

© Clint Mejia
Team Dangerous says it is "a social fitness community bringing together like minded individuals together from around the US and beyond [to] form the most badass community of crazy people loving fitness enthusiasts on the quest to spread the Team Dangerous loving." If CrossFit prom was any indication of what they're all about, it's a bunch of ridiculously good-looking, extremely nice people who are in great shape that want everyone to have fun and feel included. Sign me up.

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