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Monday, October 21, 2013

Running, Pull-Ups, and Hand Maintenance

So I have a confession. After seeing Jason Khalipa's Instagram photo below, I grabbed the razor out of the gym drawer at my desk and shaved down my callouses during a call. Hours later, and I mean HOURS, I found the callous bits... in my hair.

A normal razor works just fine for hand maintenance but make sure your skin makes it into the garbage the first time.

Yesterday I got a run in and worked on my kipping pull-ups.

non-stop work deserves a much needed run

I ran up to 125th Street and then back down.

Then I ran down the most treacherous steps towards John Jay Park at 77th Street.

I worked on my pull-ups without a band for about 20 minutes. It was tough but I tried to practice what I had learned in Pittsburgh. Now that I know there's a pull-up bar so close to home, I have no excuse not to practice.

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