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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Flywheel Wednesday(s)

So I coerced my friend Jay into going to Flywheel with me again tonight. Basically I'm thrilled when anyone is willing to workout with me and call it quality time. After last week's stressful late arrival, I made sure to leave work an hour before class. Of course the C train arrived immediately and I was in the west 80s with about 40 minutes to spare. I used that time to stake out possible places to inhale dinner afterwards.

Class was even better than last week. The playlist was better and by better I mean there was more thugged out rap dance mixes because apparently that's what I love to listen to when sweating my little heart out. Not so secret confession - I LOVE reggaeton when I'm running. I think the class's energy was better as well.

I am a competitive asswipe and it was very important to me after last week that I prove that I am a top 5 Torqboard kind of girl. Well I came in first, but I had to fight for it. I had been on top for most of the class, but I guess I don't really pedal during the arms portion because I'm focusing on holding two bars for a total of 6 surprisingly heavy pounds and some chick with the Torqboard name Dlexi comes up and is a legit competitor for number 1. Now I wasn't going to let that stand so I huffed, puffed, and grunted my way back to the top. And then Jay teased me for grunting like a man. I think someone is just jealous that I used 6 lbs for arms while he used 4 lbs... Jay came in first on the men's Torqboard. I enjoyed seeing our names side by side up on the screen declaring our superiority over everyone else. At CrossFit I enjoy being part of a community that supports one another. At spin, you're my bitch.

I like riding with someone who is going to push me. I spend 60% of class looking at Jay's tech-pack and changing mine if his Torq is higher than what our instructor says (which it usually is) and then pushing my RPMs to be as high as his. He's no Anna (no really, I checked out a class she and I did last winter when I was viciously hungover and she pushed me to a whole other level - even better than today), but as far as spin friends go, he's up there. I looked forward to leaving work today to spin with him, and since I don't really enjoy leaving work ever, that's saying something.

Since I got to Flywheel rather early, I took some photos. Part of me wants to stock up on Flywheel apparel but I'm concerned that my compulsion to buy CrossFit t-shirts is in direct conflict with this. But if you're thinking about buying me a present...

I also managed to screw up my locker within minutes of arriving. The master code has been changed by the way! So I had to sheepishly go to the front desk and they said I had "the face" that indicates that someone has fucked up a locker. Good to know I'm not the only one.

Apparently it's not polite to go eat in your sweaty gym clothes, sorry I'm not sorry that I do that all of the time, so I had to shower before I got my dinner. Not pleased as you can see. The showers were pretty awesome though. Very clean, glass walls, big enough for two people but who's counting, and Bliss products. Well done Flywheel UWS. Well done.

Then I scarfed down a bacon cheddar burger and fried pastrami pickle bites like the fat kid that I am. Burgers should always be medium rare FYI.

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