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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Saturday's WOD and Rowing

WOD in pink, warm-up is the black chicken scratch on the side

On Saturday I went to one of my favorite places - CrossFit Central LI. I didn't get there in time to do a full warm-up (actually, I probably did but I take a lot of time going to the bathroom and wandering around, and putting my hair clips in), but I did some stretching and a few squats. Not warming up definitely came back to bite me when the first 800m run felt like garbage. Lesson learned.
I used 65 lbs for the deadlift and 55 lbs for the push jerk and the front squat. I could get 7-10 push jerks before I needed to rest. I think it was the right weight/maybe a little on the light side for the front squat but we needed to use the same weight for both exercises.

The other day I was watching Mark Rippetoe's video on grip and I realized I have been making the exact same mistake he describes. I've been practicing on any bar I can get my hands on and I paid special attention to it during the WOD. My callouses feel much better and they're pretty much inline with the rest of my hands. 

CrossFit Central LI has a 10 AM rowing class and I was psyched to stay for it after the WOD. We rowed 2,000m followed by 3 minutes rest for a total of 6,000m.

That shit is seriously hard but I loved it. We were to row as hard as we could for the first 20 strokes and then row at around 30 strokes a minute every 500m. So we rowed as hard as we could at 2,000m then 1,500m then 1,000m and 500m and at about 250m, we would sprint it in.

My Concept 2 was next to Jason's and he really pushed me because I was looking at his screen and trying to keep up. After our last 2,000m he told me that I was motivating him because I started after him in the second round but finished before him and he wanted to keep up. That's what I love about CrossFit - we challenge and push each other but we're not really competing against each other. Not to sound cheesy, but Jason and I both win when we bust our asses trying to keep up with the person that we think is beating us. And who doesn't love a community where a stranger is giving you fist pumps after 10 minutes because you've bonded over sweat and a shared action? (I majored in sociology. I am fascinated by social groups, their norms, and what binds them together.)

unintentional selfie
I've become rather obsessed with CrossFit's "Letting Beauty Speak Up Itself" video. Watch it all the way through.

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