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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Should Have Went with the Slurpee

So maybe it wasn't the best idea to drink until midnight and then get up at 5:15 for work. The best hangover cure is a Slurpee, but I went with some Vita Coco coconut water (tangerine flavored) and headed out to Brooklyn. I had a successful day, with only minimal binge-eating. On the drive back to Long Island I was feeling surprisingly good, and a little ashamed about the side of basmati rice I had with my 1,000 calorie salad, so I drove to the Great Neck Equinox for kickboxing.

Assia covered tonight's class and it was awesome. I held my own despite the pain in my knee, the pain in my foot, and the pain in my head. I even managed the plyo work although I could taste tequilla shots 1 and 2, and I think a black and tan came back to say hello. Damn Taco Taco margarita pitchers... they cloud your judgment and suddenly your reliving Cabo Spring Break 2006 (minus the balcony hot tub, off-label painkillers, and barefoot runs through the street.)

I sweated out all the toxins and I was impressed that not only did I haul my ass to the class, I stayed for all 60 minutes. I was on top of the world for about eleven minutes, and then my lunch came back to haunt me. And my snack. And I think I might've seen my breakfast. The verdict is out on kickboxing as a hangover cure, but I do feel accomplished. Maybe I should've treated myself to the Slurpee.

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