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Monday, February 11, 2013

A Blizzard in Photos

I refuse to entertain any of those Finding Nemo jokes. However, someone borrowed my copy in high school and if you're reading this, I want it back. Because everyone watches a movie about a lost fish on the way to a Phish show. Duh.

We got out of work early on Friday because of the storm. After playing a rousing game of mash-up animal charades (clearly the dolphin-rhino was the best), some work friends and I went out to enjoy the storm.

We went to the MoMA to learn about art.

I really like The Kill by Andr√© Masson.

my photograph
museum website image
After a stop at the MoMA Design Store, we headed to Rockerfeller Center to go skating, but the rink was closed.

We had a snowball fight instead.

We ran through Times Square and stopped at a few bars.

Then I ended up in Brooklyn at a rave that no one else came to because of the snow and suddenly it was 4 AM and I was in Little Italy. 

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