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Monday, February 4, 2013

Better Food Choices

I'm being smart and making better food choices at the beginning of the week and hope that I can keep it up through the troublesome days known as Wednesday post-volleyball happy hour, hungover Thursday, and dear Lord kill me now Friday - oh wait, shit it's already Saturday morning. These are actual days and times on the calendar. You just didn't know it until now.

One thing left over from my minor foray into Whole 30-dom is eating tuna fish for breakfast. I'm so used to it now that I kind of look forward to it. That being said, I'm thinking about reintroducing Fage into my life.

For lunch, my daily lunchmate and I went to Just Salad. I love Just Salad and have recently branched out past the Immunity Bowl. Today I had romaine lettuce with pesto chicken, turkey bacon (double protein, I know I'm living large), walnuts, green apples, red onions, and cucumbers with lemon vinaigrette.

Not as good as the arugula and watercress salad I had at Westville on Friday but still way up there. I went on a lunch date on Friday. It was fun but by that evening I had convinced my date that I am a sociopath and untrustworthy. He won't be asking me out again. I added grilled chicken to the salad.

I've got some tasty leftovers from La Mela last night. I think I will be enjoying some veal this evening with a side of lettuce.


  1. I had never been before. It was so good, I'm thinking about going every Friday.

    I find all my favorite restaurants on dates, but never find my favorite dates at restaurants.


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